"From quiet homes and first beginnings, 
Out to the undiscovered ends,  
There's nothing worth the wear of winning,  
But laughter and the love of friends." - Hillaire Belloc



hurch of the Trees welcomes you. . . . I'm Rev. John Joseph Sansone, the minister. After a spiritual awakening in 1979, I began to become aware of the spiritual gifts that everyone inherently has, and I became interested in sharing those gifts through ministry. 


In January of 1986 (in Louisville, KY), I was writing my goals for the year. At that time I already knew I would one day have a church, but I did not know where or when. Many visions had come to me about the church and had been confirmed through various messages in the previous three years. 

As I began to think about the church, a vision of a large tract of land with many trees often came to mind. When I began to write my goals of obtaining the property for the church, the name, "Church of the Trees," came to my mind just as the pen wrote it on the page.

In 1990, I moved to Charlotte, N.C., and soon became involved with a healing group, called Circle of Light, that met on Saturday mornings. In 1991, the leader of the group decided to rent a home in Charlotte, and we began to meet there. 

After a few months, one of the residents of the home, became the new leader of the healing group, which she called Sacred Circle of Light. We had been discussing holding church services in the format to which we had each become accustomed. So we began to hold services there every other Sunday, starting in the fall of 1991. 

In September 1992, the group leader felt a calling to live with a friend in Tennessee, so she moved there. In the meantime in June of 1992, I had purchased a home on a small lot in Concord, N.C., which is surrounded by trees. Immediately I saw this as a starting location for Church of the Trees. So on the first Sunday of October, 1992, the first Church of the Trees service was held in my home, and continued until March of 1998 when I moved to  Mint Hill. Then in September, 2000, I moved to the current location in the Mountain Island Lake area.

Why did Spirit give us the name, "Church of the Trees?" The answer to that question is slowly evolving. One thought is that trees are strong and flexible: they have inner strength to weather the storms and are able to bend easily with the winds of change. Trees are rooted in the earth and therefore are able to stay grounded, also.










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