"I see men as trees, walking." - Mark 8:24


ello. I'm Rev. John Joseph Sansone, minister of Church of the Trees. After a spiritual awakening in 1979, I began to become aware of the spiritual gifts that everyone inherently has, and I became interested in sharing those gifts through ministry. 


After several years of study, I was ordained in 1985 at the Brotherhood of Eternal Truth, New Albany, Indiana. A healer, clairvoyant, teacher, lecturer, and trance channeler, I have served churches throughout the United States. 

Educated as an electrical engineer, my present avocation is computer consulting (programming). Since grade school I have been a singer, and a few years ago I began to learn to play the guitar and then the piano. After studying music theory, I found I had an interest and talent for composing music. 

Since 1986, I have been channeling a book on healing and self-mastery. Also, I am a poet, artist, yoga teacher, and student pilot. Plus, I create greeting cards in my spare time.




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