"The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them: and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose." - Isaiah 35:1



nhappiness doesn't last long in our services. . . . I'm Rev. John Joseph Sansone, minister of Church of the Trees, and I'd like to welcome you to our services. They tend to be a little more exuberant and celebratory than some are used to, but I don't feel compelled to complain.


Our services are open to all and are held at 2 PM generally on the last Sunday of every month (call or e-mail for schedule). Spiritual healing is available during the half hour before the service. Those desiring healing sit on designated chairs, which are positioned near large crystals. 
My technique for healing is called Prana Healing, which incorporates various methods of channeling energy, and seems to be ever-evolving. Other healers use Reiki, aura cleansing, polarity balancing techniques, etc. Virginia Carter is especially good at massaging shoulders. 

For the Channel of Light service, we sit in comfortable chairs approximately in a circle. We start with an invocation and a guided meditation, during which I play my Angel Harp (a specially tuned zither). After that we sing various songs. Occasionally we are additionally blessed with some special music. Then I (or a guest speaker) will give a 15-minute talk about whatever seems appropriate that day. Sometimes the talk evokes a discussion, or others have additional information to share. We then sing more songs. Music and singing are an important part of our services, as is the case in many churches. 

The remainder of the time is devoted to channeling messages from Spirit. Everyone attending receives a message, if desired. I channel a message for everyone who wants one, and anyone else who has a message for someone is invited to share the message. 
We close the service with a group hug, singing "Love is the Only Power." Hugs are encouraged (but not forced on anyone) before and after the service. 

After the service is a time of fellowship. (In fact, the whole service is a time of fellowship, in which we can celebrate each other with love and joy.) Usually someone has brought some food to share. And we have some fabulous cooks in the group!




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